Fringe: (noun)

To be on the edge; something extra; unconventional.


Fringe Dinner Theatre is a group of professional actors based in Jackson, Mississippi. The core group met through various community theatre events and have performed together for about fifteen years in Jackson's original dinner theatre troupe - MS Murder Mysteries.


Owner, Becky Hill Martin decided to stretch boundaries and give audiences more than what they expected from a murder mystery dinner theatre. Fringe Dinner Theatre spread its wings in 2014 to provide restaurant patrons with original musical mysteries, Broadway productions, reader's theatre and more. The troupe also works with religious organizations and churches to provide religious and family productions.


How our shows work: Whether performed at a partner restaurant or for a private party, shows typically run the course of a meal (aprx. 2 hours). The first act is performed while patrons enjoy a salad or appetizers. The second act is served up with the main course. The third and final act ends with dessert. For murder mysteries, during the break just before the Final Act, a Solution Sheet will be passed out. Use the Team Name (CSI, Agatha Cristie, etc.) to answer the questions as a team. Prizes are awarded to the table with the most correct answers. Be sure to read the hand-outs which will be placed on your table in addition to watching the actors for clues. Sometimes, audience members are asked to participate in the show. If you prefer to just watch the show, that's fine, too.


Age range for shows: A few shows contain adult humor and may not be recommended for children under 13. Check when you make reservations.


Here are some testimonials from happy patrons:

"Had a WONDERFUL time with these ladies tonight!! The actors were amazing and our team, "CSI" won the most points(getting the most answers right). Definitely look forward to future performances..."

-Leslie Potter, Murder is Golden patron

"Just got home from tonight's show. Had a blast there!!!! Thank you guys for a great evening with something different!!! See you next time!!!"

-Sammy Sones, Auditioning a Ghost patron

"My son, daughter-in-law and two nieces sang every song with you! It was a delightful evening..."

-Irene Martin, Forest Community Arts (Private Party)

"Loved the play and all the cast was great! Have not had that much fun in forever!"

-Brenda Robertson, patron

"Thank y'all again for coming - the campers LOVED it!! It's DEFINITELY an event we'd love to have again!"

-Natasha Abner, Camp Looking Glass

"Had a blast!!! We really enjoyed the show!!! Thanks for a laugh filled evening..."

-Scarlet Brooks Lee, patron