Scripts For Purchase or Performance

The following is a list of shows MS Murder Mysteries has performed. With at least a month's notice, we can perform one of these for your private event. Performance rights are only available for shows with asterisks. Performance fee for most scripts is $50 per show. 

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

Murder is Golden - A Golden Girls Parody by Becky Hill Martin

A tribute to America’s favorite sitcom senior citizens - the Golden Girls. The girls need help solving a murder mystery. It's Blanche’s turn to host the Sam Spade Supper Club. She hopes to upstage last month's hostess by hiring a prestigious acting troupe to perform. When they fail to show, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia decide to perform a murder mystery of their own. Trademark sarcasm and zany antics abound when an old boyfriend, Lawrence shows up an actual murder takes place. Will the Golden Girls help Lt. Theo Kovak solve the case? Or will one of them never again share cheesecake and coffee?

*Murder In Tights by Becky Hill Martin

Do old superheroes ever really retire? Not if they attend the Gottem Senior Day Care Center. Ivahna Freize thinks she's filming a documentary on seniors in day centers vs. nursing homes. The eccentric antics of the seniors of Gottem provide great footage, but Freize soon wonders if the superhero fantasy games are something more. Find out what lengths Dr. Blurry, Hotflash, Hypnotico, Tarmac the Marvelous, and Thunderwoman go to in order to keep their senior center running smoothly.

Lines are available for audience members who want to read a part in the show.

*It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over by Becky Hill Martin

After decades of trying, The Jackson Jackelopes have finally won the seven game Dixie League Championship Series! You are invited to attend the awards gala where Kitty Dinger, wife of deceased former team owner – Hum Dinger, has a big surprise in store for her newly inherited team including plans to hit a home run with the MVP – Jay “Wild Thing” Powers, after the ceremony.  Jay "Wild Thing's" jealous girlfriend, Kaci Striker wants to knock Kitty out of the ball park. She’ll have to take a number behind Kitty’s alcoholic daughter, Lotta Weine, the Jackelope’s announcer, Harry Perry and team coach, Tony Lacorta –both former lovers turned “Kitty toys.”   Somewhere between the “seventh inning stretch” and the “bottom of the ninth,” you’ll find out who’s future ain’t what it used to be.

*Red Rum by Lauri Gregory and Alahna Stewart

Scarlet and Red Rumgardner are hosting their annual Red Rum Runner’s Toys Masquerade Ball.  Things quickly go down the cellar steps in this backwards Murder Mystery.  Scarlet tries to keep things running smoothly even though there is a dead body spoiling her party, and an unexpected and nosey Inspector Merlock Bones messes up her seating chart!  All the ususal suspects are in attendance for the party:  Red’s business partner & college buddy, Colonel Kent "Handle the" Mustard bumbles his way through the evening while his pretty wife, Brooke Peacock, clearly from the wrong side of the tracks, fans her feathers for all who care to look.  And what party would be complete without the Annual Accounting Report given by the cold and calculating Cecelia “CC” Whiteice?   The main question: Will the events of the evening ruin or enhance Scarlet’s ambitions of becoming next year’s President of the Bonnie Blue Garden Club, or does the scandal of murder ruin her chances?    

Murder in the Key of Motown by Becky Hill Martin

Jack Russell and the Terriers are headlining a college alumni fundraiser. Put on your platforms. Bring your legwarmers and sing along with the band as they attempt to perform Top 40 hits in the style of artists from Motown to the totally awesome 80s. JR and his band members, Gabe Marvin, Patti Vandell, Delia Ross and Rhetta James, are guaranteed to hit a few high notes when they quarrel over who gets the spotlight and who gets the girl.  The backup singers get vocal after the audience chooses the winner of the Sing Off. Any hope of harmony is dashed when the show turns into a very limited engagement for one band member.

*The Honeymoon is Over by Alahna Stewart and Keni Bounds

The Happy Honeymooners game show host, Willie Winker, loves his contestants and his martinis shaken and stirred. Nothing but trouble can come from getting newlyweds to reveal how much they don't know about each other. Tennis pro, Rich Hamilton and his trophy wife Babs discover that Love-Love is more of a score than a description of their new life together. Germaphobe, Sam Woodchuck and his new wife, Natalie find the entire show a little too contaminated for their taste. And, Jersey-born couple, Paul and Penny Pincher don't act or look like newlyweds. Something smells fishy. Granted, it could be Penny's perfume. By the time the show airs, someone's contract may not be renewed.

*The Murder Before Christmas by Becky Hill Martin

Santa is holding his annual Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree party at his factory only days before Christmas. This year, the traditional jolly spirit brought on by the reindeer games and Christmas karaoke could be dampened when Santa announces that it’s going to be a Hard Candy Christmas because his company is bankrupt! In hopes of saving the factory, Santa has extended his guest list to include potential investors like the Grinch who is doing quite well as the owner of Whoville’s most prominent toy store. Join party planner - Susie Who, Santa’s favorite helper - Lou-Ellen Insky, Santa’s brother - Jingle Kringle and of course, Mrs. Claus and decide for yourself who deserves Nuttin’ for Christmas when one of them ensures that a key person never sees The Night Before Christmas.

*This Christmas Could Get Ugly by Becky Martin and Tom Lestrade

It is a hard-candy Christmas at Knacker Auto Complex. In lieu of a Christmas bonus, Neal Knacker has invited his employees and their guests to his family home to celebrate with an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and Contest. What his employees don't know is that immediately after the party the Knackers are leaving for Hawaii on their last family vacation before their kids go away to college and law school.  Much to everyone's surprise, Neal's black sheep brother, Nick, crashes the event with the family matriarch, cranky old Aunt Nattie - the inspiration and contributor of most of the sweaters for the Ugly Christmas Sweater party.  Things get a little wild and wooly when accusations of embezzling, infidelity and altogether naughtiness fly like reindeer. Wear your ugliest Christmas sweater and find out who is naughty, who is nice, and who ends up getting nothing for Christmas. Note that this is an audience participation play with an actual Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest.

*Lethal Holiday Layover by Becky Martin 

All that Vegas talent agent, Clarice Candor and her crew of lackluster celebrity impersonators want to do is make it home in time for Christmas. As usual, the odds are against them and they find themselves trapped in an airport lounge on Christmas Eve. Will everyone make it home in time to open gifts under the tree? Join "Lucille Ball," "Elizabeth Taylor," "Sean Connery," "Marilyn Monroe," and "Anthony Hopkins" as they try to make the best of the holiday layover by playing "Celebrity Movie Trivia" with a couple of musical numbers thrown in to pass the time. When the layover becomes permanent for one of the cast, decide for yourself who's Getting Nuthin' for Christmas.


A Monster of A Murder Mystery by Becky Martin

Abby Normal(Stand-in for "Bride of Frankenstein")  and her Celebrity Monster Review are this year’s entertainment for the 668th Annual Halloween Ball for Monsters and the Humans Who Love Them. Dare to join us in costume as Letch (Lurch’s brother), Esmarelda (from Bewitched), Beetlejewels (stand-in for Beetlejuice), Kenny (zombie from Night of the Living Dead) and Wolfie (aspiring actress/stage manager) do a monstrous job butchering your favorite Halloween-themed songs plus some Top 40. Try, along with the monsters, to learn the Time Warp and Thriller line dances. And, laugh ghoulishly if you’re the winner of the Halloween Costume Contest. Trouble brews when one of the cast is mysteriously murdered (again). One of the cast members doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance when you solve the mystery. Check out our fun promo video:


Non Murder Mysteries


You've Got Hate Mail

by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore (authors of "Love, Sex and the IRS.") Presented with special permission from SAMUEL FRENCH, INC

A hilarious broadband comedy of errors,You've Got Hate Mail takes a hysterical look at the world on on-line hook-ups and break-ups. In You've Got Hate Mail, love "bytes" all when an extra-marital affair goes horribly wrong, thanks to a juicy e-mail sent to the wrong mailbox. The story is told entirely in e-mails from laptop computers, with an unforgettable chase scene fueled by cell phones. (Contains adult humor. Not for kids.)


The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, adapted by Chris Mills