JOIN MS Murder Mysteries/Fringe Dinner Theatre for a FREE live-stream readers theater of their most popular show, Murder Is Golden - an unauthorized Golden Girls Parody.


STORY: The girls need help solving a murder mystery. It's Blanche's turn to host the Sam Spade Supper Club. She hopes to upstage last month's hostess by hiring a prestigious acting troupe to perform. When they fail to show, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia decide to perform a murder mystery of their own. Trademark sarcasm and zany antics abound when an old boyfriend, Lawrence shows up and an actual murder takes place. Will the Golden Girls help Lt. Theo Kovak solve the case? Or will one of them never again share cheesecake and coffee?


HOW IT WORKS: RSVP on Eventbrite by 3 p.m. on April 17 to receive the link before the broadcast begins. The live-stream will be through Zoom and on

FREE for anyone to watch, so spread the word to your friends and family. Suitable for ages 12+.





ROSE Nylons - Jessica Wright (MS Murder Mysteries)

DOROTHY Bornyette - Stephanie Chance (Uproar Theater, Community Center Players, The Bard on the Bricks)

SOPHIA Piccolo - Samantha Gregory (MS Murder Mysteries, Black Rose Theater)

BLANCHE Devereaux - Becky Martin (Centene Video Spokesperson, MS Murder Mysteries, Black Rose Theater)

LAWRENCE James - Walt Herrington (MS Murder Mysteries, Black Rose Theater)

THEO Kovak - Leon Philips (MS Murder Mysteries, Black Rose Theater)


Email us at or go to the CONTACT  tab on this website.

Note: We don't issue tickets. Your name is on the PAID list at the door and a cast member seats you when the doors open, but only if you've paid. You will not have a seat if you do not pay in advance. We accept Paypal or a check written to the company.

Cancellation policy: Don't do it! Okay. If you have to, email: at least 24 hours before the start time of the show you reserved and we will give you a refund minus credit card handling fees. There is an additional $5 charge on all refunds given for those who cancel day of show. 


It's the roaring '20s and “Crackers” Ciccone (Chris Wright) controls the flow of booze to all the juice joints in the central part of town. Tonight, you've got an invitation you can't refuse to honor his dearly departed father at the speakeasy. Tonight, Crackers plans to announce he’s getting out of "the business." When someone gets Bumped Off, all you mobsters, molls and prohis will have to work together to solve the mystery. Was it Knuckles (Leon Philips), the underboss with higher aspirations? Or maybe it was Gino (Alden Kirkland), the accountant who's a no account unless it comes to Crackers' former entertainer, Bunny (Renee Lloyd Werner). Could it be Nina (Jessica Wright), his long-time moll who's good at eliminating the competition?  Surely it's not Kiki (JauJuana Watts), the new torch singer who asks a lot of questions but never seems to understand the answers.

Come dressed as a mobster or moll for a chance at prizes in the costume contest. Or just come dressed... to one of the venues/dates below.

Show advised for ages 14+. While it is in no way explicit, it contains insinuendos to adult situations (you know - before HBO when you had to find creative ways to say things without saying them) and gunshot sound FX.

Genna Benna's

200 Town Square Dr.. Brandon, MS


MENU: House Salad; ENTREE: Cajun Redfish sauteed redfish on a bakery-fresh roll with spicy tartar, lettuce, tomato, pickle onion and topped with slaw; OR Hamburger Steak with a full pound of Angus beef, brown butter mashed potatoes, beer braised peppers & onions and brown gravy; OR Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta - pan roasted chicken breast, penne pasta, creamy ranch alfredo sauce, bacon and sundried tomatoes. DESSERT: Cobbler

Tickets are $55 ea. and includes 3 course meal, tax and gratuity.

 Ticket Link: (Hope to have dates this summer.) 

Georgia Blue

223 Ridge Way, Flowood, MS



MENU: House Salad;

ENTREE: Fried Catfish with Turnip greens, fried okra, cornbread, OR Hamburger Steak with Angus beef, brown gravy, onions, mushrooms, red skin mashed potatoes, Grilled corn on the cob, OR Georgia Blue 5 - golden fried or grilled chicken with rice, GB queso & tortilla chips; DESSERT: Cobbler

Tickets are $55 ea. and includes 3 course meal, tax and gratuity.

       TICKET LINK: (Hope to have dates this summer.) 



970 Highland Colony Pkwy., Ridgeland, MS


MENU: House Salad; ENTREE: Your choice of Faralle Alfredo OR Lasagna Bolonese OR Spaghetti & Meatballs;

DESSERT: Chocolate Cake

Tickets are $55 ea. and includes 3 course meal, tax and gratuity.

TICKET LINK: (Hope to have dates this summer.) 

Cultivation Food Hall

1200 Eastover Drive, Suite 125, Jackson, MS


MENU: Hall Pass allows you to get your meal from any of the restaurants in CFH and enjoy the show in the Living Room. Go to and click on Menus for list of restaurants.

Tickets are $50 ea. and includes tax, tip and a$25 HALL PASS to any restaurant in the Food Hall.


(Hope to have dates this summer.)